Energy Providers

SAI’s laboratory handles much of the analytical work for some of the North America’s largest energy providers. Our specialized services provide unmatched responsiveness and years of dedicated experience to the energy industry. Coupled with this background of ongoing service, our cost-effective pricing has allowed our clients to stay compliant with governmental agencies.

Energy Industry SAI Energy Industry

Specialized Services

We have tailored our services to save this industry millions of dollars per year. On-site couriers, first-plane-out delivery, and open-when-needed laboratory hours are just a few of the specialized services that get your samples analyzed and reported as expediently as possible. By utilizing these features, we get units online on time.

Fast Turnaround

SAI’s turnaround of analytical data is faster than almost any lab in North America. By providing timely results to our clients, we help power plants return to operation. We support you in protecting employees and the environment, while helping to ensure minimal disruption to generation activities.

Industry Focus

Some of SAI's concentrations within the industry are:

COAL-FIRED POWER PLANTS: Silica, Cr(VI), Metals Profiles, Respirable Particulates, Asbestos
HYDRAULIC FRACTURING: Silica, Respirable Particulates
OIL & GAS: Asbestos

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