Are you choosing a test for Legionella? How do you protect your clients or occupants from Legionnaires’ outbreaks and ensure that your potable/non-potable (i.e. reservoir sites) water is safe?

Choose SAI’s Microbiology Laboratory and use Legiolert® by IDEXX for quarterly checks and for the reopening of buildings for business or occupancy. Legiolert® is a selective reagent that shows the presence of L. pneumophila through the production of a definitive brown color and/or turbidity after incubation in a humidified environment.

When used with the Quanti-Tray® system, Legiolert® provides a confirmed MPN count of L. pneumophila. Unlike PCR, Legiolert® only counts viable bacteria but is still able to yield results within a week—unlike the slower and less dependable ISO method.

How does SAI and Legiolert® benefit you when testing for Legionella?

  • Fast- Instead of a 10-14-day TAT, we get you viable bacteria results in 7 days
  • Save Lives and Money- The shorter turnaround time potentially saves lives, impresses your clients, and helps avoid costly, potentially dangerous, outbreak scenarios.
  • Accuracy- The Legiolert® test has a significantly higher repeatability and reproducibility than the ISO method.
          Sensitivity – 1 organism/100mL
          Repeatability- measures the variation in measurements taken by a single instrument or person under the same conditions
  • Cost- Price point is relatively the same as ISO for better/faster results.

    Legiolert® works perfectly for your routine monitoring and quarterly checks. Compare our quality with the CDC ISO method here.

Order your kits through SAI or review FAQs at the bottom of IDEXX’s page here.

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